10 Great Years of Graton

November 9, 2023

We just turned 10 years old! So much has happened in the last decade, and we want to thank each and every person who has visited us and helped make us who we are today. Every year, we like to celebrate the month of our birth, but this year is obviously extra special. We have special giveaways and promotions going on all month long, and we thought we’d get in the spirit with our blog by doing a countdown of our 10 most memorable moments from the first 10 years of Graton.

1. Opening Day

We opened our doors to the public on November 5, 2013, to a cheerful crowd who couldn’t wait to be the first to play. Some had been lined up outside as early as 3AM, and traffic was backed up on Highway 101 for miles. That day seems so long ago, and we couldn’t be more thankful to everyone that stuck with us along the way.

Referencing an interview that Chairman Greg Sarris had with the Press Democrat — from day one, Graton Resort & Casino was imagined and designed to enable itself to give back to its community and leave things better than they were before. “This has never been about shiny lights. It’s never been about a new color TV. It’s been about the opportunity to do the right thing.”

“This is a destination center for people to have fun and enjoy themselves. I don’t want sadness here. That’s why I designed it the way I did; light and airy, and fun.”

10 years later, we’ve been able to see that vision truly realized.


2. Hiring Our First Team Members – They’re Still Here Today!

Not many businesses can say they still have Team Members since Opening Day, 10 years later, but we can! A whopping 407 employees are still here that were with us opening day. Many have been promoted multiple times into key positions, and all have been integral parts in helping us grow.


Checking in at the Hotel

3. Hotel Grand Opening

November 15, 2016, was our first major expansion to the property. Our Hotel opened to the public, transforming us from a casino into a full-on resort destination. Our pool and several other new amenities also debuted as part of this expansion, including the Ballroom, which is now known as The Event. It’s hard to believe that they weren’t always here from the beginning.

Our AAA® Four Diamond Award-Winning rooms get booked fast! Solution? A new wing will be added to our Hotel as part of our new expansion, providing everyone with even more luxurious accommodations.  What was started in 2016 with our Hotel’s opening will only continue to grow.



4. Volunteer Efforts in the Community

One of Graton Resort & Casino’s core values lies in trying to make a positive impact on our community. We’ve had countless Team Members volunteer with local charities every year, such as Redwood Empire Foodbank, The Humane Society of Sonoma County, Rohnert Park Animal Shelter, Food for Thought, COTS, Catholic Charities: Palms Inn, Habitat for Humanity, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Walk to End Alzheimer’s, and many more. We’re proud of our Team Members’ efforts in building towards a better tomorrow in our home, Sonoma County.


5. Largest Jackpot in Graton History

There have been many large jackpots over the years, but the largest of all-time was hit on July 5, 2022, on 3X Megabucks for a whopping $3,603,575! Six of our top ten largest jackpots since opening have happened in 2023, with several of them occurring in quick succession. On March 5, 2023, 3X MegaBucks hit for $3.3 Million and again for $3.1 Million — all on the same day! Dragon Link hit for a little over $1 Million Dollars twice on April 23, and again on October 13 and 14, helping Graton make the most Millionaires out of our Guests than any previous year. You never know what can happen; the next winner could be you!


Thunder from Down Under 2023

6. The Show Must Go On

We’ve had many performers grace our stage in The Event, including top notch comedians like Kevin Hart, to Grammy Award-Winning musicians like Boyz II Men. Some of them returning multiple times over the years. But did you know, there’s one performer that’s returned more times than all of the others? Australia’s Thunder from Down Under has performed at Graton a whopping five times, most of those being for two shows each visit! Jo Koy has also graced our stage three times since 2018.


7. All-New Rewards

There’s so much “New” that came out of 2023, and it all kicked-off with the re-launch of our new Rewards program. Designed from the ground up to maximize what all of our Guests get back, it’s never been a better time to play your favorite games. Discounts on retail purchases, exclusive birthday offers, and more were just the beginning. Throughout the year, we’ve added new benefits such as being able to earn points in new ways. More new perks are in the works. Visit our Rewards page for more information!


8. Graton App in the Palm of Your Hand

A lot of hard work went into the Graton Mobile App, which launched on Apple and Android devices this year! Along with the App came a lot of firsts, like the ability to play your favorite games, both cashless and cardless. Cardless Connect allows you to login to the App with your Graton Rewards account and wirelessly connect to slot machines to play. With the addition of Resort Wallet and Fast Funds, you’re able to completely change the way you play, all while having information on Graton Resort & Casino’s many promotions, shows, and more, at your fingertips.


9. More Ways to Win!

In 2023, we multiplied your chances to win by bringing so many more types of Promotions. Games like Punch a Bunch, Graton Lotto, Press for Cash, Cash Craze and more meant that there was something going on at Graton almost every week, and the way you played changed from month to month. We create our Promotions hoping that every guest has a chance to have fun and try their luck at winning BIG, whether it be in the form of cash, cars, or free slot play!

The fun doesn’t stop at our drawings, though; it continues throughout our many Gift Days! Our recurring Gift Days are the perfect opportunity to earn points and go home with an item you love. In November 2023 alone, we have given away gift cards, dishware, space heaters, and kitchen appliances.

Our Live Poker Room loves to get in on the fun too, creating their own Promotional Events that change monthly, available to those at any and every skill level.

We’ve been embracing growth and change, and we can’t wait for you to see what we have in store next year. You haven’t seen anything yet.


Expansion Groundbreaking Ceremony

10. Breaking Ground on our Newest Expansion Project

Taking us into the future, just a few short months ago, we broke ground on the new parking structure that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we have planned. Graton Resort & Casino will continue to evolve and grow in the coming years, and we are excited to see everything come together. Thank you for celebrating our 10-Year Anniversary with us. We hope to see you soon.

Here’s to another 10 years!